Working with the experts at Chrysalis means close collaboration, and in-depth analysis of your data against your key performance indicators, to se ta framework which then ensure that your expectations and goals are met.

Our team members have 36 years combined experience between us launching, operating and marketing over 30 online products and services. This includes managing multi-million euro advertising budgets across multiple markets and products.

We have ran into pretty much every way that some of the more unscrupulous networks, or the unscrupulous publishers or affiiliates operating across all online advertising channels. Our software combined with a strong contract can make the difference between you pouring budget down the drain for no return – or recovering or recycling it to be spent properly, the second time round.

Our approach has been validated across video games, blockchain services, transport and affiiliate sectors. Why not add yours to the list, and get a competitive advantage in your advertising budgets to let you outlast your competitors.

We are experienced in assisting you with your issues, because we have encountered and resolved them ourselves in the past.

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