Insertion Order Enforcement

Insertion Order Enforcement

An entire advertising ecosystem hangs off Insertion Orders, contracts for delivery of clicks, impressions, leads or installs.

By integrating with Chrysalis, we can evaluate every click delivered from paid advertising activities, granting more detail into performance than even ad networks can provide through their own platforms.

By running our proprietary analysis on this data, we build a picture of every click being delivered and generating costs against an insertion order. With this information we can segregate the good, bad and abnormal traffic, and provide actionable reports for your staff, agencies or suppliers to phase out underperforming traffic, challenge the proportion of traffic in breach of the insertion order, and ultimately allow you to redistribute budget to higher performing traffic sources.

When combined with our behavioural reporting engine, our reports allow you to price individual traffic sources being driven by Search, Display, Programmatic direct response advertising on a CPM, CPC or CPA pricing structure based on Return on Investment and Lifetime Value. In addition, we provide detailed reports showing user behaviour by traffic source, to allow you to identify the highest value customers.

Our free four-week audit allows us to identify a wide variety of  traffic that’ breaches insertion orders, allowing us to seek credit or a refund.

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