Click Fraud Detection Type 4: Repeat Clicks in CPM & CPC Campaigns

As most advertising and affiliate network dashboards do not provide granular click level data, enables you to compare and contrast your raw traffic data against data being provided by your network.

We can also spot repeat clicks across time outside of the standard 24 hour rolling window that most adnets use to quantify a duplicate click. If someone or something is clicking the ad once every 2 days, that’s just not right. Our system can detect a wide range of ways that people humans and bots e manually or pro grammatically conducting click fraud through repeat clicks in CPC campaigns.

This allows discrepancies in statistics to be identified, have the reason determined, and reconciled against supplier data to explain the differences. Where duplicate clicks are being counted, we can provide detailed reports to outline traffic sources delivering clicks from one or multiple traffic sources and provide reports which adnetworks can use to apply the corresponding credit, back onto your campaign, or to get credited against your invoice.

Get in touch with us to organise one of our four week click fraud and waste detection audits. We only charge for funds successfully recovered or redistributed.