Click Fraud Detection Type 3: Forced & Incentivised Traffic

We’ve worked across many sectors, and there are many ways mal-intented publishers can try to generate fake traffic through their links. can use a combination of our behavioural engine and our click engine to identify traffic sources from individual campaigns which are delivering forced traffic, and then work with you to cancel all other clicks and leads from the same traffic source.

As traffic sources always relate to a particular website or app, we can quickly flag traffic sources delivering traffic through pay to click, incentivised and other types of behaviour that are leeching money bit by bit from campaigns.

By stopping, recovering and redistributing budget, publishers can often get hit on the double, having paid out, not getting paid, and potentially being kicked off an entire network. Experience tells us that most will then move on to easier targets not protected by a system like

Get in touch with us to organise one of our four week click fraud and waste detection audits. We only charge for funds successfully recovered or redistributed.