chrysalislogo helps you detect and recover misspent advertising budgets from your MMO advertising suppliers. It works for downloadable and browser MMO’s!

Recover €10,000's by from questionable suppliers

You have a contract with your supplier, we can help enforce it. Our 30+ analysis techniques identify and generate proof of click fraud. Next time you need to ask for that refund within chargeback periods, you have the necessary data to recover your top-ups or repayments. 

Quickly identify and stop advertising leeching

Recovered funds can be booked as profit, or redistributed quickly to better sources. Stopping traffic from bad sources from leeching budget away from those who are sending genuine traffic is critical. In our case studies, 6.9% of publishers soaked up 39% of a campaigns budget. With our data, we got that 39% credited back.

Compare ALL campaigns against critical KPI's integration allows you to define your conversion funnel, populate it with continually changing data and use the information to price any campaign based on LTV, ROI or any other alternative terminology you use in your company.

By Game Publisher, For Game Publishers

Developed by former games publishing staff with 30+ years experience in the sector, we’ve designed to make any MMO Marketing Manager’s life easier and more efficient, with the right information in the right format to do your job better.

Using our techniques, we saved tens of thousands of €!

Track all of your COM and marketing activities in ONE Report

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