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We are a team of veteran video game industry staff based in Dublin, Ireland, with more than 30-years combined experience among the founders.

We’ve over a decade’s experience in large scale B2C marketing of digital goods and services who have managed €10,000,000 budgets across complex, multi-market, multi-lingual and multi-product, B2B and B2C marketing, advertising and communications campaigns.

We understand exactly the trials and tribulations marketing teams in the modern online industries face during pre-launch, launch and maintenance stages of the product life cycle and know how to solve a lot of information black holes, marketing and operational reports with tech that we’ve built to make sure that suppliers deliver on their contracts.

Because we believe in our tech so much, commencing an audit is free with our service, and we only charge after we sucessfully recover or avoid you paying for fraudulent traffic, cease valid but non-performing traffic, and focus on those giving you best pre and post-click behaviour, ROI and LTV.

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The following platforms have been successfully integrated into, or are currently being tested:
Web / Desktop100
Mobile / Android, test phase complete:90
Mobile / iOS, test phase complete:75
Steam, test phase complete:50
PlayStation®Store, test phase complete:35
Xbox Store, test phase complete:25